A Beautiful Garden?

During the ordination service for the new pastors of the Welsh Evangelical Church here in Cardiff, the preacher Gwyn Williams took the text “you are God’s garden” from 1 Corinthians 3v9, and applied it in a very challenging way to the local church.

Why do people go to visit gardens such as those at Tredegar House, Duffryn or The National Botanical Gardens?

Firstly, because we are drawn by the beauty of such places – we enjoy spending time dwelling amongst such splendid displays of colour, design and order – Is that the experience of people who visit our church? Are folks struck by the beauty of – not the building – but us? They should be, because we are God’s garden!

Secondly Gwyn argued, people visit a garden because it is a place of peace and tranquillity. In their everyday lives, people are rushed, troubled and harried; in a garden they find peace and rest. Is that what visitors to our church find? They should, because we are God’s garden!

May we at St Mellons Baptist Church strive to increasingly be a place of beauty and of peace, to the glory of our heavenly Father, the Great Gardener!

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