A New Baby!

It’s been an exciting time in the church over the past 12 months as we’ve seen 6 new babies being born! One of the first questions asked is “What’s the name?” When the latest was born in October the parents answer was “We want to wait a while and see what her character is like”!

At Christmas we remember a child born in Bethlehem. There was no debate about what to call him for an angel had appeared to Joseph before the birth and given him two names! These names tell us who he is and why he was born!

The first name, Emmanuel, tells us his character, who he is. Emmanuel means “God with us”!

The Creator steps into His creation!

As one carol puts it;

“Lo within a manger lies
He who built the starry skies”!

But why would God do this?! The answer comes in his name, Jesus.

Jesus means “saviour”. Saviours save and Jesus came to save us from our biggest problem. The angel said to Joseph;

“You will call his name Jesus because he will save his people from their sins.”

Sin is the great destroyer. It brings death in every way. Physical, spiritual and eternal. Jesus was born to destroy the destroyer!

And he did; and he does; and he will!

Thirty three years after his birth, he dies on a cross outside Jerusalem. That death destroyed death for all who will simply trust him!

Jesus! What a name! Have you put your trust in the Saviour?

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