Are YOU worth £80 000 000?!

So Real Madrid have paid £80 000 000 for Ronaldo. It seems the deal was agreed last summer and the deadline set for Real was 30th June this year. They acted; Man Utd agreed that Ronaldo could be approached; Ronaldo agreed to go. Real promise a hefty salary (£150 000 per week) a luxury home; numerous cars PLUS fantastic weather!

Is he worth it? I have worked out that if Real pay United in £5 notes, laying them end to end and starting in Manchester the line of notes would reach Madrid!!

What are YOU worth? To Real – NOTHING! To the NHS, they do a calculation as to what it’s worth spending on you – it’s about £50 000.

But to God – what will HE pay to bring you to His side? The price is mind boggling – but He has paid it! Sin demands its price – Death! Jesus doesn’t even flinch at the sum, but on Calvary paid it IN FULL!

How much are you worth? More than a universe – God has paid the transfer fee – will YOU agree to the transfer?! Oh, and the deadline? … uncertain; better settle it today!

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