Happy Easter

This blog is well overdue, sorry. I hope you all had a blessed Easter. I have just got back after a week away in eastern Ugandan with my sister (though that feels like ages away now after an 8 hour shift comprising of 1 ward round, 2 caesareans, 11 admissions and 3 reviews!). We spent our time away doing a mixture of fun things like kayaking and hiking and more relaxing things like eating, sleeping and playing games! Eastern Uganda is mountainous and so has a very different climate. It’s more wet and cold. I had been warned so took a fleece and trousers for those days when the temperature was below 20 degrees!! It was good to get time away from the pressures of the hospital and life in Kiwoko, enjoy God’s creation and recharge the batteries.

Many of you will remember my fear of maternity and the request for prayer about this prior to returning to Kiwoko in September. God has answered those prayers in a very definitive way. After a few weeks of re-learning maternity with a very good Ugandan doctor I was let loose again. This time I found it all clicked and I’ve started enjoying maternity, so much so that I now happily cover maternity on call for one of two doctors here who don’t do caesareans. I would much rather be called to maternity than one of the adult medical wards these days!! God certainly has a sense of humour. He “is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us” (Ephesians 3:20) – most definitely!

Health wise I am now much better. After a week as a patient and a week recovering I was back at work, but it took 2 months for me to be back to “normal”. I am grateful for all the friends here who stepped in to help in lots of different ways. Thanks for all your prayers and emails too.

There are some challenges facing the hospital at the moment. You may have heard about the controversial anti-homosexuality bill that Uganda has signed. The fallout of that is that some countries have pulled their aid from Uganda. For us that has meant a dramatic reduction in the money available for diagnosing and managing HIV especially. The countries involved have said they will direct the money through different channels and we will still get it, but for now we are having to make difficult decisions about who to treat and which services to suspend. Please pray we would have wisdom. It is heart breaking to even contemplate babies being born with HIV because we can’t test and treat their mothers or to tell a parent their child has HIV and should be on drugs that would make and keep them well but we can’t provide them.

I have applied to stay in Kiwoko for another year. I’m waiting for those in charge of paediatric training in Wales to say if they will allow me to take another year out of training or not. Please pray that the process would be smooth and that God’s will would be clear whatever the outcome. I will be back in the UK for 6 weeks or so in the summer either way.
Thanks for the ongoing interest, prayers and support (oh and the chocolates etc. too 🙂 ). Please keep in touch.

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