Following the recent funeral of my wife’s mother, a believer, my mind was filled with thoughts of the temporal nature of life and the futility of the materialism which drives so much of people’s ambitions. The things of this life are so transient – if they do not break down, rust or rot, we will have to leave them all behind when we depart this life. Our Lord left behind his heavenly glory and continual presence with his Father to enter this hostile world in order to save all those who would come and put their trust in him, and ask his forgiveness for their sins. He had created the universe, yet owned nothing apart from his single tunic. He loved the world, yet his own people cruelly crucified him. He knew beforehand that this would happen, yet he went through with his mission in order to purchase for himself a bride with his own blood. He was driven by his love for us and out of obedience to his Father. He rose from the dead and ascended to heaven and is now preparing an eternal home in glory for his bride – the church. What should our response be? Should we not desire to offer ourselves as living sacrifices upon the altar of service to Christ, and should we not have a proper perspective on the things of this world and be joyful at the prospect ahead of us?

After retreating to our caravan for a period of refreshment following the bereavement, these thoughts began to crystallise in the form of a hymn, which is given below. Over the next few days I was inspired to write two further hymns. This has only happened previously on a couple of occasions, so it was not a common event for me.

I am going there to prepare a place for you. (John 14:2b)


1. As I kneel down beneath the cross,
I count the world a happy loss;
If Christ had nothing when He died,
How can I grasp at wealth or pride?

2. My Lord has gone to make a place
For us to dwell with Him in peace;
He shall with us His riches share;
Our lasting bliss shall be His care.

3. With such a prospect, why can I
Be sad the world is passing by;
So turn my eyes, behold His face,
And praise Him for His matchless grace.
(To the tune Llef)


Written by: Nigel Faithfull, author and member of St. Mellons Baptist Church

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