Mission Weekend

Michael Ots will be visiting us on the weekend of 7/8th May.

Saturday 7th May 1:30pm @ the Chapel, Ty’r Winch Road.


Hook a duck, treasure hunt, football, wii, splat the rat, food, prizes and lots, lots more! Come and join in the fun, it won’t cost you a penny!

Includes a 10 minute family message from the Bible by our guest speaker Michael Ots.

Saturday 7th May 7:30pm @ Willowbrook


Whether you have a brain the size of a planet, or a brain the size of a pea, whether you’re old or young, whether you read The Guardian or The Mirror, this is a night you simply cannot miss!

As part of this weekend of special events, we are holding a quiz night at Willowbrook Primary School, and ALL are welcome! You’re sure to know the answer to at least one question, and it’ll be a great opportunity to have fun and enjoy the company of friends.

The evening will include a talk from our very special guest, Michael Ots, on the Christian faith.

Nibbles and drinks will be provided.

Please submit your teams to Jonathan Williams or Ben Christofides. Maximum members per team is 8 – smaller teams are welcome!

Sunday 8th May 10.30am


“What on Earth is Going On?!”

(Tunisia; Egypt; Libya; Economy; Earthquakes; Tsunamis; Nuclear Crisis ….)

Speaker: Michael Ots; refreshments to follow; pre-school crèche provided.

Sunday 8th May @ 6pm

St Mellons Baptist Church; Tyr Winch Road.

“Surely ALL religions lead to God?!”

(Why is Jesus Christ THE only way?!)

Speaker: Michael Ots; refreshments to follow; pre-school creche provided.

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