New Year’s Realisation.

So, we will make resolutions – less food, more excersize; less tv, more reading; less Facebook, more face to face! So many resolutions … but they sadly fail!

Spiritually we resolve that at last we will make God our priority: A new Bible reading scheme perhaps; set the alarm 15 minutes earlier in the morning to read and pray before work; maybe make the prayer meeting (once a month to start with).

But, a few days, maybe 2 weeks go by and it all ends in failure. Why? In the physical and the spiritual realm, why do good resolutions come to sad ends?

One of the most vital texts we considered in 2013 was John 15v5 where Jesus tells it to us straight; “… without me, you can do nothing”.

Without Jesus we can do nothing of any lasting worth. To understand this is a most wonderful realisation. So, in all matters, physical and spiritual, we need Jesus Christ at the centre. In reading, praying, hearing the word; in fellowship and communion – we must seek HIM. He, and He alone makes the difference to our evangelism too; giving us heart and courage!

Let us seek Jesus together.
And bring Christ to the centre of those practical physical resolutions as well!

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