Persevering in Prayer

Now while the Scriptures lay before me, and laid sin anew at my door, that saying in Luke 18:1 with others, did encourage me to prayer; then the tempter again laid at me very sore, suggesting, “That neither the mercy of God, nor yet the blood of Christ, did at all concern me, nor could they help me for my sin; therefore it was but in vain to pray.” Yet, thought I, “I will pray.” “But, said the tempter, your sin is unpardonable.” “Well, said I, I will pray.” “It is to no boot, said he.” “Yet, said I, I will pray.” So I went to prayer with God; and while I was at prayer, I uttered “Lord, Satan tells me, that neither thy mercy, nor Christ’s blood is sufficient to save my soul; Lord, shall I honour thee most, by believing thou wilt, and canst? or him, by believing that thou neither wilt, nor canst?” Lord, I would fain honour thee, by believing that thou wilt, and canst.

-Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners, John Bunyan

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