Hadeel – Jesus had done it all

As a child, I went to Sunday school for a number of years and believed the Bible to be true and also believed in Jesus. But then I turned away from God as a teenager and rebelled against church, school and my family. I didn’t think I needed God and I was happy doing what I wanted. Over the years I started to feel very guilty about the way I was living my life and thought that I needed to change my life before I could approach God. I was convinced that God would not accept me until I had sorted out my own sins.

HadeelHowever hard I tried to do the right thing I didn’t have any peace and I still felt worthless and guilty. I attended the Catholic church and later studied with the Jehovah’s Witnesses, but I still felt that there was something missing.

Looking back I can see how god was leading me to the church at St Mellons and I started coming to the church in 2008. I enjoyed hearing the Bible preached clearly and was grateful for people’s time in answering my questions which were many! I wanted to learn as much as possible about God and the Bible and I attended the Christianity Explored group. I gradually came to understand how Jesus had died on the cross to forgive me, but I struggled to accept his forgiveness and still felt I needed to do something myself. I tried to pray and read the Bible, but my prayers didn’t seem real. Over time however, I felt God’s presence with me and after listening to a sermon I realised that I had to just accept God’s forgiveness through Jesus Christ. There was nothing I could do, Jesus had done it all.

I now know that God not only accepts me but he loves me personally and I have the assurance of knowing that I will be with him one day. I know that i am nowhere near perfect, and I will continue to sin daily, but I know that God has forgiven me and the burden of guilt has been taken away.