Sunday School

The Sunday School at St Mellons Baptist Church was started in 1830, the same year as our first chapel building was erected. Over the years, many local children have learned about God through attending our Sunday School.

We currently have around 60 children from the ages of 3 to 16 regularly attending Sunday School.  From September through to July we meet every Sunday, from 12-1 pm in the upstairs hall, where the children sing choruses, learn memory verses, and then split off into age-grouped classes to learn from the Bible together.  We currently have five classes, four of which cover primary school children and a Bible Class for those in high school.    About half of our children are from families who also attend church services, but a good number come just for Sunday School each week.

All our church services are family friendly, and we would welcome you to attend any of our Sunday services. Twice a year (Easter and Harvest) the Sunday School children take part in the morning service, singing songs and reciting memory verses.  At Christmas the Sunday School organises a carol service to which all our families are invited.

There is no charge to attend Sunday School.  We do take up a collection each week, for those children who would like to contribute, and all the money raised is given to two young ladies from our church who work with children and young people overseas (Becca Jones in Uganda and Paula Harris in Brazil). However there is no obligation on children to contribute towards this.

We are always pleased to welcome new children in Sunday School, so if you would like any more information please contact us on