Swan Lake

What a moving experience it was to see Swan Lake at St David’s Hall in Cardiff. The music was tremendous – and to see the human body controlled and pushed to perform such extraordinary feats! The story line too was engaging;
a princess cursed by an evil ruler she takes the form of a swan by day, returning to her true form each night. The only way the curse can be broken would be if a prince loved her enough to sacrifice himself for her.
Enter our hero Prince Siegfried! He falls for her and in his love he fights with the evil ruler – both are drowned in the lake … the curse is broken, the Princess is free! But Siggers is dead.

Here however is a pale shadow of the truth! We poor princes, under the curse of Lucifer! Living under the shadow of death! Who cares?!
Enter The Prince of heaven! Moved by eternal love for us, he fights with Lucifer, both die and we are freed from the curse! Unlike Siegfried however, our Prince arose from the grave and is alive forevermore!

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