Update 2

Next weekend we are going on a ladies weekend to Kampala (the capitol) for a break. We are all looking forward to getting away for a couple of days. It’s been 6 weeks since I’ve managed to get away from the hospital and with living and working in the same place you never quite feel off duty! Our time away will revolve around coffee shops and restaurants as these are sadly lacking in Kiwoko!

There is also a nice pool we will visit and some craft shops.

This weekend, in contrast, I have been working a 32 hours on call – 6 ward rounds, 1 caesarean section, 1 examination of a child under anaesthetic, numerous admissions and hours spent with a baby on paeds who fitted continuously. Despite giving all possible medication at doses double what we would normally be using he continued to fit but thankfully he finally stopped last night and hasn’t fitted today. His underlying problem is malaria – a depressingly common problem. The child I examined under anaesthetic was particularly heart breaking. She is 4 years old and was raped in school by an older pupil. Sadly it seems such instances happen too frequently involving both adult and children. The gender inequality and the unlikely successful prosecution of offenders do nothing to protect girls from such atrocities. Pray for her mental as well as physical healing.

The third year nursing students have their final exams starting next week. So while this means a lot of hard work for them, those of us who lead student Bible studies get a few weeks off! We will meet as leaders to share and learn together ready for the new intake of students.

While I’m sure it’s getting Autumnal in the UK with crisp days and leaves changing colour, here it’s getting warmer. It’s been hot and sticky the last few days. Apparently there was a solar eclipse here at lunch time. I have to admit I missed it, either because I had fallen asleep on the sofa after eating or because it wasn’t that dramatic. Probably the latter since no-one on the ward has mentioned it this afternoon.

A special thank you to all the St Mellons Church Ladies who contributed to my goodie box. It was very exciting to open it last week and have already enjoyed some of the contents. You’ll be pleased to know that there is still plenty left!

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend. Keep me posted on what you’re up to as I love to hear your news.

update: I didn’t miss the eclipse after all as it happened later in the afternoon – very cool!

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