Students @ St Mellons

Whilst we’re not in the centre of Cardiff, we have had a number of students from the University worshipping with us in recent years. If you’re studying in Cardiff, or thinking of coming to the city, you’ll find a warm welcome with us.

What do we offer students?

In some ways, what we offer to students is exactly the same as what we offer to everyone else – so browse through the rest of the website to find out more about the church, our Sunday services, and other meetings.

If you have a car, getting out to St Mellons is no problem (it’s a 15-minute drive but a 40 minute bus journey). However, several of our members live in the town centre, and they (or some of our students) would be more than happy to arrange a lift for you to each of our Sunday services, to the mid-week prayer meeting, and the meetings specifically for students and young people. Please contact Ben here, or alternatively call 07763619035 if you’d like us to arrange a lift.

We understand that food is important to any student, so each Sunday, at least one family in the church will provide Sunday lunch and hospitality to which all students are invited.

With everything at the Christian Union, do I really need to be part of a church, too?

Yes! UCCF (the CU movement) answer the question like this: “the CU should not and does not replace a church. The churches will support you for witness on campus. It is really important then to be in a church and to get into one as quickly as you can.”

UCCF publish an excellent guide to finding and choosing a church which you can download from their website. In short, they recommend you look for a church where the Bible is preached, fellowship is real and the gospel is central. We’d encourage you to read the guide, then to explore our website (and any other churches you may be considering) to see whether we are the sort of church you should be looking for. Listening to some our sermons will also help you to get a good feel for the things that we teach and are important to us. And, of course, the only way of discovering whether what we say on our website is true of us as a church, is to come and visit us!

What can students contribute to the church?

One of the real encouragements that we have received over the last few years is to see students joining us in our services, in our prayer meetings, and in the ministries we offer to the community. We’re glad when students visit us, we’re delighted when students become part of our fellowship and really get involved.

If you are a Christian, and in good-standing with your home church, we’d be glad to have you involved in some aspect of the chuch’s work. We know that you won’t be able to commit to being available every week of the year, so any help you can offer will need to be flexible. We know too, that most students are still exploring and understanding what gifts God has given them – so you’ll need support and encouragement as you grow in wisdom and understanding. We hope that we can offer you that.

If you’d like to talk to us, or put some of our existing students in touch with you, please contact Ben here or call 07763619035.